The long and winding road has never been more enjoyable. Improve your ride experience with the COROS SafeSound Road Helmet and hear what you’ve been missing. Our EOSS audio platform allows you to stream audio and receive phone calls hands-free, and still hear the road and the world around you. The experience doesn’t stop with you. Give your loved ones the peace of mind knowing that our Impact detection system that automatically notify them of your location in the event of an impact to your helmet.


Fit and Structure

Our SafeSound Adjustable Fit System secures the helmet by requiring minor adjustments. We even dialed-in on the improvement of the helmet strap by introducing a comfortable, yet effective material for the chin-strap. All supported by updated tri-glide sliders to hold both the helmet, and EOSS in place throughout the duration of your ride.

Shape and Design

We placed comprehensive research and development into our new shape and design of SafeSound - Road. Our premium EPS impact foam enhances the overall effectiveness of the helmet experience.

We were also able to shed off 30g of total weight, while maintaining superior quality build. Making it our lightest helmet ever.

Smart Remote

Our flexible handle-bar mounted cradle ensures optimal placement to minimalize distractions while riding. Giving you complete control over your audio and call functions while taking the lead draft position in your group.

Ear Opening Sound System (EOSS)

We identified an already innovative idea, as an area of much needed improvement. With numerous comprehensive tests in our lab, we engineered a unique technology that optimizes a perfect blend of sound quality, with maintaining full environmental awareness.

LED Tail Light

The positioning of our LED tail light ensures complete and direct visibility to motorists on the road. With three different light modes: on/off – you have full control over your visibility.

SOS Emergency Alert

Our new lab results are in and the SOS Emergency Alert feature is better than ever. It ensures that where ever you are, we got your back covered.

SafeSound will detect an impact and automatically send an exact mapping of your location, to a list of emergency contacts within the COROS App. At the same time, the LED tail light will begin flashing S.O.S in Morse code for anyone nearby to identify.

  • Premium aero-flow design with EPS impact foam
  • 16 air vents for maximum cool air ventilation
  • Ear Opening Sound System (EOSS)
  • SOS Emergency Alert
  • LED tail light for full visibility
  • Up to 10 hours battery life
  • Wind-resistant microphone
  • IPX5 rating - rain, water and sweat resistant
Material Premium EPS impact foam with a reinforced polycarbonate shell
Padding Hot-press lining + EVA padding
Ventilation 16 air vents for maximum cool air ventilation
Visor N/A
Light LED taillight
Audio System Ear Opening Sound System
SOS Emergency Alert ☑️
Smart Remote ☑️
Microphone Latest wind-resistant mic
Battery Up to 10 hours
Water Resistance IPX5 - rain, water, and sweat resistant
Compatibility Bluetooth 4.2
Helmet Size S (51-55cm), M (55-59cm), L (59-63cm)
Helmet Weight S (300g), M (320g), L (340g)